New club dedicated to “sound” in Minami area! Overwhelming techno night at ALZAR OSAKA for [NIGHT CLUBBING] ALZAR OSAKA

2017.11.30 Thu / Night Life, Osaka

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  • New club dedicated to “sound” in Minami area! Overwhelming techno night at ALZAR OSAKA for [NIGHT CLUBBING] ALZAR OSAKA

New Japan Building is one of the landmarks at Dotombori in Osaka. A new club ALZAR is located on the upper floor of [ Rooftop Bar OO ] which is on the 7th floor of the building and has an open patio.

Go to the 8th floor to get away from the hustle and bustle of Minami, and then get through the entrance of ALZAR. Chase the beat and open the door to the floor. You can’t help feeling high by sensing the gloom of the floor and hard sound of the music. Matthew Dear from Detroit was a special guest for the grand opening. The awesome night is assured because of the collaboration with , the party leading the current techno scene in Osaka.

The special feature of ALZAR is absolutely “sound”. It is designed to devote to sound by featuring state-of-the-art sound system and special venue design. The DJ booth is like a cage fencing off like Tresor, the famous techno club in Berlin.

Kotono (24) A member of ZINE "Meet BGM zine"
L ---> R NATSUMI (35) next division head "I’ll play forever!" KOZEE (36) VJ "TECHNO!"

The lighting is minimized. The kick sound gradually becomes punchy and fat. Nao Nomura, the organizer of offers great techno sound to make the club into a blissful space. He just plays without any unnecessary agitation. Some people keep dancing, the others stop by bar to make a toast or greet somebody. It has a typical club atmosphere; cool space but full of smiles and excitement.

There is a VIP space behind the floor.

Matthew Dear exploded hard techno groove in the middle of the night. I almost forgot here was Osaka as I saw how many audiences were into the music. Profound effect, depth of sound and excitement. How could you forget about the night like this?

This place is the great news for club/music lovers in Kansai. You can enjoy profound music. It’s nice to have more choices to enjoy nightclubbing!

YOUAREHERE feat. Matthew Dear -ALZAR fridays-
Friday 5 May, 2017 at ALZAR OSAKA

DJ:Matthew Dear(Ghostly International / Spectral Sound from US) / NAO NOMURA(BASS WORKS RECOEDINGS) / Junichi Kuwata / Toru Ikemoto / SiiNE / ASHIKAGA

8F New Japan Bldg., 2-3-28 Dotonbori Chuo-ku, Osaka
Tel : 090-6960-8527

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