America in Osaka ~ A building with full of vintage/second-hand clothing store Dig up [ Shozan Building ] -Part 1-

Do you know  [ Shozan Building ] where specialties of vintage/second-hand clothing stores concentrat...

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Feel the scent of all four seasons at “footspa” in Arashiyama Kyoto

"Footspa" is easy to use than hot springs or public bathes, and it's popular with girls and...

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Series “Kyoto Standerd 3” Sento(The public bath house) culture is also deep in Kyoto

I randomly picked these three spots in Kyoto and I can’t believe the quality. How lucky! If...

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Love venerable Japanese confectioners! Osaka classic souvenirs: #3 Founded in 1948 Mitarashi dumpling of [ kiyasu-sohonpo ]

Roasted dumpling drenched in rich and sweet sauce [ Kiyasu-sohonpo ], located in front of H...

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Hidden-away Cafe with Tatami and Japanese Garden

Do you know [ KissaMaster ] located at the back of Kyoto which is opened by familiar bag br...

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A dance floor resonating with the world’s revolution and frenzy. [NIGHT CLUBING] CIRCUS OSAKA

A multipurpose building in Osaka’s Ame-mura. As the dark of night sets in, people of all or...

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My town navigator [ Himeji ]

Himeji Castle and neighboring little-known hot spots Himeji is a major sightseeing city and...

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Walking around shops and cafes in Nara
Strolling around Nara (first part)

Let’s walk around shops and cafes, which have the typical Nara character… Very attractive a...

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There are two major metropolitan areas in Kanto and Kansai in Japan, like the East Coast and the West Coast of the USA. However, unlike the Kanto which is concentrated in Tokyo, Kansai has mixed areas with really different characteristics, mainly in the three cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. It is the real pleasure of sightseeing in Kansai to enjoy all the interesting cities filled with charm.