“New recycling” combining with Kyoto traditional by [ PASS THE BATON Kyoto Gion ]

[ PASS THE BATON Kyoto Gion ] is the only shop in Kansai of [ PASS THE BATON ] develops at ...

2018.03.20 Tue / CAFE & BAR,Kyoto


A mecca for vintage/second-hand clothing lovers. Do you know this groovy red building?

[ NEXT 51 ] has been open in Mikunigaoka, Sakai City. It’s a new style reuse shop. There ar...

2018.03.08 Thu / Current Spots,Osaka


[ BOW&ARROW ], a shop to know the history of Nakazakicho Osaka vintage/second-hand clothing store Guide 13

Product lineup is wild as the owner. [ BOW&ARROW ] is opened in 1997 when Nakazakicho w...

2018.02.26 Mon / Current Spots,Osaka


Fashion mall in Osaka: Happy to buy and fun to play [ GRAND FRONT OSAKA ]

A pre-eminent hot spot in Osaka [ GRAND FRONT OSAKA ] is a large multipurpose commercial co...

2017.10.25 Wed / Current Spots,Osaka,Passport Kansai


Fashion mall in Osaka: Happy to buy and fun to play [ NAMBA CITY ]

Commercial complex directly connected to the station NAMBA CITY is a shopping center locate...

2017.10.24 Tue / Current Spots,Osaka,Passport Kansai


Food tips for “Kasuganomichi”, an attractive good area in Kobe

Recently Kasuganomichi became a hot spot. Mr. Narita of [LANTIKI], a popular shop in Kobe, ...

2017.10.19 Thu / Kobe,Recommended Foods


Love venerable Japanese confectioners! Osaka classic souvenirs: #5 Founded in 1933 Naniwa kotoba sembei (rice crackers branded Naniwa dialect) of [ Hayashi Seika Hompo ]

Awesome handmade Osaka souvenir tastes amazing [ Hayashi Seika Hompo ] is located in the sh...

2017.10.05 Thu / Osaka,Passport Kansai,Signature Foods,SOUVENIRS


No matter what your taste, you can find something to buy. Report for “Shitennoji kotto-ichi (Antique Market)” held monthly.

Shitennoji, a Buddhist temple located in the Tennoji area of Osaka, holds the Shittennoji K...

2017.09.21 Thu / Historical Spot,Osaka,SOUVENIRS

There are two major metropolitan areas in Kanto and Kansai in Japan, like the East Coast and the West Coast of the USA. However, unlike the Kanto which is concentrated in Tokyo, Kansai has mixed areas with really different characteristics, mainly in the three cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. It is the real pleasure of sightseeing in Kansai to enjoy all the interesting cities filled with charm.